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A few weeks ago, I read in one of the (many) financial services publications, a quote from Clive Bolton, Managing Director Life and Pensions, at LV, “It’s often taken for granted but continued good health is one of the best financial assets people can have.”

Although his quote related to retirees, I find it somewhat prescient.

It is Mental Health Week in the UK and this, alongside the current crisis, makes this reference to “good health” even more relevant and important.

For employers whose workforce is now scattered and is, in many ways, invisible, this presents a number of issues. People’s natural reaction when asked, “how are you”, is to say they are fine, OK considering the circumstances, or some similar response.

They are naturally worried about the effect of confessing to being worried, anxious and, in some cases, physically ill about their work situation.

Employers need to be more pro-active than before regarding talking to their employees, under a clear understanding from the employee that what they say is accepted without prejudice or bias.

This may be easier said than done, however, it has clear benevolent and commercial benefits; employees who feel able talk, without feeling under pressure or judged will be more responsive, appreciative and more productive.

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